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Our organisation is accredited to provide distance learning certification in English (LINGUASKILL, CLOE) and other languages. These certifications can be used to validate a diploma, a training course, enter a school, apply for a job or simply obtain a certified language level. In addition, we also offer courses to help candidates prepare for their exams and obtain the best possible results.


LINGUASKILL (formerly BULATS) is a certification designed by Cambridge English, a department of Cambridge University. It is the most widely used test for English language training. It is adaptive, the difficulty of the questions depends on the level of the candidate. Our training organisation offers this certification at a distance.

95 € INCL. VAT

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The CLOE Certification - Oral and Written Language Skills - is a system for certifying oral and written language skills used in a professional or extra-professional environment. This certification is carried out 100% at a distance, supervised in both written and oral form, and is available in 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

165 € INCL. VAT

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